Pool Tables & Gaming Dealers


Our team has been BETA Testing the Concierge for over a year and the results have been better than expected. This 4-year-old company started with 1 truck and 2 helpers. He was doing local deliveries for antique stores and handling pick-ups and deliveries for Interior Designers. We started him with 4 In-store Quoting tools and 1 Internal tool.

Sales increased in 2015 by 50% over 2014. ~$102K in-store quotes vs $198K internal quotes for 2015. As of the end of August 2016 Revenue is up 43% over 2015. He now has 2 trucks and 5 helpers.

Using very conservative numbers, here is a sample of the Financial impact LMC could have on your business.

  • 10 In Store Concierge licenses
  • $100 avg/Delivery; 2.5 deliveries per week
  • 10 x 2.5 x $100 x 52 weeks = $ 130,000/year Gross Revenue Less $5,299 Platform Fee
  • $124,700. This example would be 1300 deliveries OR 1300 new potential customers.
  • For every delivery, you make you have the opportunity to introduce any other services your company provides.